Open Seminor (Oct.21)

Open Seminor “Three Body Forces and Nuclear Structure in Exotic Nuclei”

Lecturer: Dr. Jason Holt (University of Tennessee / Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Date: October 21 (Fri.) 14:00 – 15:00
Place: Room 306, Faculty of Science Build.1, Hongo, University of Tokyo

Summary: I will discuss our ongoing project to study the effects of three-nucleon forces for the microscopic nuclear structure of medium mass nuclei. In particular recent results highlighting the impact of 3N forces in the oxygen and calcium isotopes will be discussed as well as important improvements that need to be carried out for a complete microscopic understanding of these systems at the limits of existence.

This seminar is supported by HPCI Strategic Program Field 5.

Contact person: Takaharu Otsuka and Noritaka Shimizu

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