Workshop on ‘Future Prospects of Hadron Physics at J-PARC and Large Scale Computational Physics'(Feb.9-11)

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Date: Feb. 9 (Thu) – 11 (Sat), 2012
Workshop site:
2F Conference room
Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center
162-1, Shirakata, Tokai, Ibaraki 319-1106, Japan

Institute for Particle and Nuclear Study, KEK,
J-PARC Center,
Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science,
HPCI Strategic Program Field 5,
Nishina Accelerator Research Center, RIKEN

The workshop is intended to discuss hadron-physics projects at J-PARC. Its facilities were heavily damaged by the great east Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011. However, recovery efforts have been done and the accelerator is scheduled to restart at the end of 2011. On this occasion, we organize a workshop at Tokai, the J-PARC facility site, on the hadron physics at J-PARC and related large-scale computational physics.

The Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies of KEK decided to start theoretical activities in the new group, the J-PARC branch of the KEK theory center, from December by assigning five visiting staff members, T. Harada (Osaka E.-C. U), E. Hiyama (RIKEN), D. Jido (Kyoto U), M. Oka (Tokyo Tech), and T. Sato (Osaka U), in addition to four permanent staff members of the KEK theory center in the field of hadron and nuclear theory. This new branch aims at promoting theoretical activities on the J-PARC projects.

On the other hand, the world-fastest supercomputing system (“K”) of ten-petaflop peak performance will be completed at Kobe in the fall of 2012. To develop computational sciences and technologies by the supercomputer, the consortium of High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) was created. One of main activities is organized by the Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science (Tsukuba U, KEK, National Astronomical Observatory), on the particle, nuclear, and cosmological physics. These subjects have close connections to the J-PARC hadron physics.

The workshop will bring together theory and experimental communities to discuss the J-PARC and computational-physics projects. We expect participants mainly from Japan; however, we welcome international participants.

Invited speakers include
S. Aoki (Tukuba Univ.) ‘Future prospect of hadron physics from lattice QCD’
G. Baym (Univ. Illinois) ‘Neutron stars and the properties
of matter at high density’
A. Gal (Hebrew Univ.) ‘Lessons from hypernuclei’
S. H. Lee (Yonsei Univ.) ‘Hadron Physics with heavy quarks’
S. Nagamiya (J-PARC) ‘Present status on J-PARC’
H. Ohnishi (RIKEN) ‘Hadron physics: experiment’
A. Parreno (Barcelona Univ.) ‘Baryonic interactions from Lattice QCD’
M. Strikman (Penn State Univ.) ‘Probing short-range structure of hadrons
and nuclei with high energy proton beams’
H. Tamura (Tohoku Univ.) ‘Strangeness nuclear physics: experiment’
W. Weise (TU Munchen) ‘Chiral symmetry and hadron physics’

We also invite applications for contributed talks.
If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please send the attached registration form by email.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokai.

A. Dote (KEK), O. Hashimoto (Tohoku), S. Hashimoto (KEK),
T. Hatsuda (Tokyo/RIKEN), E. Hiyama (RIKEN), K. Imai (JAEA),
S. Kumano (KEK), T. Maruyama (JAEA), M. Oka (Tokyo Tech),
T. Takahashi (KEK)

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Transportaion Guide
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Tokai Road Map (From Tokai Station to IQBRC)



Prof. Emiko Hiyama
RIKEN / KEK theory center
Email: JPARCTH-Feb2012(AT)

Ms. Kieko Iioka
Secretary, KEK theory center
Email: JPARCTH-Feb2012(AT)

We will make hotel reservations for invited speakers from abroad. For other participants, please make your own reservation. Hotels are located in Tokai, Hitachinaka, and Mito-station areas. We expect to arrange bus transportation between the JR Tokai train station and the conference site in the morning and evening on Feb. 9, 10, and 11. The details will be announced on the conference web. You may consider the following hotels in the Mito train station area: (–> choose Daiwa Roynet Hotel Mito)
for English communications.

There is no registration fee; however, we collect 500 yen for coffee.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send the following registration form by email.

Deadline: Dec. 23, 2011 if you apply for a talk or financial support.
Deadline: Jan. 13, 2012 if you do not apply.

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To: JPARCTH-Feb2012(AT)
Subject: J-PARC hadron 2011-02, Registration

1. Name (first name, last name):
2. Affiliation:
3. Title/Position:
4. Phone number:
5. Email:
6. Arrival date:
7. Departure date:
8. Do you participate in the get-together party on Feb. 10? Yes/No

* The fee is about 3,500 yen.

9. Do you need lunch boxes?
Feb.9 (yes/no), Feb.10 (yes/no), Feb.11 (yes/no)

* We recommend you to take the lunch boxes because there is no nearby restaurant. A lunch box costs about 700 yen.

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