Computational Sciences

Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science (JICFuS) is formed by three institutes, Center for Computational Sciences (CCS), High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). Each of three institutions has operating supercomputers in large scale, and providing share use for researchers of all Japan.

The role of Computational science in field of Particles, Nucleus, and Universe is increasing. Therefore, necessary scale of computers is inevitably increasing. By providing large scale calculation resources which cannot be procured by each university or laboratory, institutes are supporting cutting-edge researches.

Next generation supercomputer “K computer” will be ready and computing environment around us will be drastically changed in the near future. Segregation will proceed that super large-scale computing will be done by K computer, and large scale computing will be done by institutions’ computers. As scale of calculation get larger, multiplicity of parallel also get larger. As a result, to write program for calculation may get more difficult. In response to these changes, JICFuS will continue to support research by building more confortable computing environment.

Specifically, in addition to share use of each institution’s computers, JICFuS plans following matters. Supports for preparation research for super large-scale computing by K computer. Fosters exploratory research projects which will be the core research topic in the future. Provides user support for the contents of algorithms and applications than ever before. Operates data grid to facilitate data-sharing in the national supercomputers. Holds symposiums and workshops to make human interaction. Opens schools to develop human resources for the next generation.