One-day workshop on ab initio study of nuclear structure and reaction (Dec.11)

Date: December 11, 2012
Place: Icho Kaikan meeting room C (3rd floor), Suita Campus, Osaka University
Sponsorship:JICFuS, Strategic Programs for Innovative Research (SPIRE) Field 5
Organizes: N. Itagaki (YITP), T. Myo (OIT), and K. Ogata (RCNP)


10:00-11:00 J. Carlson (LANL) TBA
11:00-11:30 T. Hatsuda (RIKEN Nishina Center) Nuclear Force from Lattice QCD
11:30-12:00 H. Toki (Osaka RCNP) Importance of pion and the tensor optimized shell model
12:00-12:30 A. Tamii (Osaka RCNP) p-n Spin Correlation in the Ground State Studied by Measuring Spin-M1 Excitations in the sd-Shell Region
13:30-14:00 K. Arai (Nagaoka) Tensor force manifestations in ab initio study of the 2H(d,γ)He, 2H(d,p)3H, and 2H(d,n)3He reactions
14:00-14:30 N. Shimizu (Tokyo CNS) New Generation of the Monte Carlo Shell Model for the K Computer Era
14:30-15:00 Y. Kikuchi (Osaka RCNP) Description of three-body scattering states using complex scaling method
and its application to Coulomb breakup reactions of two-neutron halo nuclei
15:30-16:00 W. Horiuchi (Hokkaido) Electroweak strength functions and tensor correlations in 4He (tentative)
16:00-16:30 Y. Fujiwara (Kyoto) Few-Nucleon Systems Interacting via Non-Local Quark-Model
Baryon-Baryon Interaction
16:30-17:00 T. Kawabata (Kyoto) Cluster structures probed by inelastic scattering
17:00-18:00 Discussion
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