Large-scale computations for nuclear alpha-particle condensation(Nov.13-19)

Date: November 13-19, 2012
Place: RIKEN, Wako Campus Main Building, room 213
Sponsorship:JICFuS, Strategic Programs for Innovative Research (SPIRE) Field 5, RIKEN Nishina Center

We are grad to announce the international workshop on “Large-scale computations for nuclear alpha-particle condensation”, which we will hold at RIKEN from Nov. 13 to 19, as sponsored by JICFuS, Strategic Programs for Innovative Research (SPIRE) Field 5.

In this workshop we invite Profs. P. Schuck (IPN, Orsay), G. Roepke (Rostock U.), and A. Ogloblin (Kurchatov Inst.), and domestic theorests and experimentalists, to discuss the alpha-particle condensation in nuclear systems, which is one of the novel nuclear clustering phenomena, and related topics. Herewith we enclose the tentative program, which is set rather loose, i.e. just two or three talks assigned everyday, to devote most of the time to free discussion.Please feel free to join if you are interested.

Yasuro Funaki, Emiko Hiyama ,Tetuo Hatsuda ,Takashi Nakatsukasa


Nov. 13 (Tue.)

13:30―14:30 Tadahiro Suhara (U. of Tsukuba) “Cluster structures in 12C and 11B”
14:30―15:30 Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (CNS, U. of Tokyo) “Studying alpha-cluster structure using low-energy RI beams at CRIB”

Nov. 14 (Wed.)

11:00―12:00 Alexey Ogloblin (Kurchatov Institute) “Search of alpha-particle condensation effects in the Hoyle state of 12C and its analogs”
13:30―14:30 Kiyoshi Kato (Hokkaido U.) “3 alpha resonances and their structures”
14:30―15:30 Masatoshi Itoh (CYRIC, Tohoku U.) “Family of the alpha gas-like structure in 12C and 16O”

Nov. 15 (Thu.)

9:30―10:30 Taiichi Yamada (Kanto Gakuin U.) “Monopole transitions and cluster states in light nuclei”
10:30―11:30 Takahiro Kawabata (Kyoto U.) TBA
13:00― Peter Schuck (IPN, Orsay) “Quartet condensation in infinite matter”
Co-organized by Nishina-Center as the 151st RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar
@ Nishina Hall, RIKEN

Nov. 16 (Fri.)

9:30―10:30 Hideaki Otsu (RIKEN) TBA
10:30―11:30 Yasutaka Taniguchi (U. of Tsukuba) TBA

Nov. 17 (Sat.)

9:30―10:30 Akira Ono (Tohoku U.) “Cluster correlations in multifragmentation”
10:30―11:30 Hidetoshi Akimune (Konan U.) “alpha cluster state in 56Ni”

Nov. 18 (Sun.)

9:30―10:30 Yasuro Funaki (RIKEN) “Gas-like alpha cluster states in 16O”
10:30―11:30 Tooru Yoshida (U. of Tokyo) “Gas and linear-chain structure in algebraic alpha cluster model”

Nov. 19 (Mon.)

9:30―10:30 Gerd Ropke (Rostock U.) TBA
10:30―11:30 Hisashi Horiuchi (RCNP, Osaka U.) “Non-localized clustering versus localized clustering”
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