International Workshop on Massively Parallel Programming for Quantum Chemistry and Physics 2019, (Jan. 15-17)


In this workshop, we focus recent developments of massively parallel programs and algorithms in quantum chemistry, condensed matter physics, and particle/nuclear phisics. The main purpose in this workshop is to extensively learn the programming techniques and know-how via multidisciplinary discussion.


Hideo Sekino(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Kazuya Ishimura(IMS), Youhei Yamaji(Univ. of Tokyo), Robert Harrison(Stony Brook Univ.), Suguru Iwabuchi(BNL), Takahito Nakajima(R-CCS)


RIKEN Center for Computational Science (Computational Molecular Science Reseach Team)


Post-K Computer Priority Issue 5, Post-K Computer Priority Issue 7, Post-K Computer Priority Issue 9 and JICFuS


January 15 (Tue) – 17 (Thu), 2019


RIKEN Center for Computational Science :
Banquet and poster session: Portopia Hotel (

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