2016 JAEA/ASRC Reimei Workshop (Oct.24-26)

2016 JAEA/ASRC Reimei Workshop: New exotic hadron matter at J-PARC

In this workshop, we will focus on on-going physics related J-PARC experiments and important current issues of hadronic and nuclear physics. The topics span: Structure of hadrons, hadron spectroscopy, Heavy-light quark systems, few-body systems, productions of hadrons with pion and kaon beams, etc.

This workshop is supported in part by MEXT as “Priority Issue on Post-K computer” (Elucidation of the Fundamental Laws and Evolution of the Universe) and JICFuS.

October 24 – 26, 2016
Inha University, Incheon, Korea
100,000 KRW. This includes the lunch, coffee, snacks and the workshop banquet.
On account of the limited budget situation, we can support local expenses for participants only partially, depending on financial requirements. We are considering to cover accommodations for all participants.
Guest House at Inha University (rooms are limited)
Song-Do Ramada Hotel


Emiko Hiyama (RIKEN)
Atsushi Hosaka (RCNP)
Hyun-Chul Kim (Co-Chair, Inha)
MinJung Kweon (Inha)
Toshiki Maruyama (JAEA)
Makoto Oka (Co-Chair, Tokyo Tech & JAEA)
Hiroyuki Sako (JAEA)
Takayasu Sekihara (JAEA)
Kiyoshi Tanida (JAEA)
Shigehiro Yasui (Tokyo Tech)
Ulugbek Yakhshiev (Inha)
Jin-Hee Yoon (Inha)

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