International Workshop on New Frontier of Numerical Methods for Many-Body Correlations(2/18-21)

International Workshop on New Frontier of Numerical Methods for Many-Body Correlations
– Methodologies and Algorithms for Fermion Many-Body Problems


Wednesday, February 18 – Saturday, February 21, 2015
Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo
February 18 Room #212, Faculty of Engineering, Bldg. 2
February 19-21 Koshiba Hall, Faculty of Science, Bldg. 1
75 & 100 in [access information]
Computational Materials Science Initiative(CMSI), Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, HPCTECH Corporation


Efficient and reliable computation of strongly interacting many fermion systems for the purpose of clarifying novel properties and unexplored concept of nature is a grand challenge of computational science. The development of fermion simulations and their methods are widely recognized as the key for the next generation of simulation of matter that has the predictive power. Efficient methods of fermion simulations will serve for the breakthrough in many areas of physics, chemistry and biology.
This workshop focuses on the methodologies and algorithms for fermion many-body systems. Efficient and accurate algorithms will be intensively discussed. This is a joint activity of condensed matter physics, nuclear and elementary particle physics as well as quantum chemistry. The workshop is organized for intensive and thorough discussions among people from different disciplines to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations. Our focus will be on tensor network algorithms and related matrix product methods, various quantum Monte Carlo methods, first-principles approaches, methods for dynamics and others together with their cutting-edge applications.

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