International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics (2/13-19)

International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics; SNP School 2014


Date: February 13th, Thursday to 19th, Wednesday, 2014
Place: 13-15 February: J-PARC (Tokai, Ibaraki pref.)
16-19 February: Kawauchi campus of Tohoku University (Sendai, Miyagi pref.)
Host: JSPS core-to-core program (Nuclear physics group of Graduate School of Science, Tohoku Univ.)
Co-host: Advanced Sci. Research Center JAEA
Sponsers: KEK, J-PARC center, JAEA, RIKEN, RIKEN Nishina Center, RCNP, ELPH, HPCI(SPIRE Field5), ANPhA, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Nuclear matter in neutron stars investigated by experiments and astronomical observations”


Application can be submitted on the web:
before 31st October, 2013.
Abstract for students’ presentation and a recommendation letter from a supervisor should be emailed separately to the organizer.

The participants of the school are assumed to be graduate students and young researchers at the postdoc level who have a strong motivation to carry the future nuclear physics research. We also welcome senior scientists.

Detailed information with an application form is given and will be updated at the following

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