Toward Extra-dimensions on the Lattice (3/13-15)

Toward Extra-dimensions on the Lattice, on the 30th anniversary of Hosotani Mechanism

Date: Mar. 13 (Wed) – 15 (Fri), 2013
Workshop site: Department of Physics, Osaka University
sponsors: Joint Institute for Computational Fundamental Science (JICFuS),
HPCI Strategic Program Field 5 “The origin of matter and the universe”,
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) 20244028, “Extra dimensions, origin of generation, and LHC physics”
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, 23104005, “New structure of spacetime through physics at the tera-scale.”

The main purpose of this workshop is to gather people from the phenomenology and lattice communities to discuss the non-perturbative aspects of gauge theories in extra-dimensions.
Besides the interest in extending field theories to extra-dimensions,both unification and symmetry breaking caused by the compactification are becoming increasingly important in explorations of physics beyond the standard model.
Furthermore, next year will mark 30 years since the Hosotani Mechanism for gauge symmetry breaking by compactified extra dimensions was first proposed.

Some immediate issues for the non-perturbative study of gauge theories in more than four dimensions are:

– renormalizability of the theory
– phase structure of the theory
– calculation of the spectrum
– fermion formalisms on the lattice
– symmetry breaking phenomenology

At this early stage, we would like to encourage participation and ideas from a wide range of experts on these and related subjects. In this environment we expect participants to reach important common understandings of the current state, and to generate new ideas for future study as well as new collaborations to pursue them.

The workshop will be held in the Physics Department at Osaka University.
Our funding allows us to cover some local expenses in some special cases and for students.
We will collect 4,000 yen (2,000 yen for student) as a conference fee from each participant.

Access information are provided in the Location page on the Web page.

The registration is now open until January 25th.

The organizers:
Guido Cossu (KEK, IPNS) cossu[at]
Hisaki Hatanaka (Osaka Univ.) hatanaka[at]
James E. Hetrick (Univ. of the Pacific) jhetrick[at]
Yutaka Hosotani (Osaka Univ.) hosotani[at]
Etsuko Itou (KEK, IPNS) eitou[at]
Jun-Ichi Noaki (KEK, IPNS) noaki[at]

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