Timetable for the Symposium on `Quarks to Universe in Computational Science (QUCS 2015)’

→ Symposium on `Quarks to Universe in Computational Science (QUCS 2015)’


Wednesday 04 November 2015

Registration – Registration desk (08:40-09:15)
Plenary session 1 – Noh theatre (09:15-10:50)
– Conveners: Umemura, Masayuki

09:15 Opening address AOKI, Sinya
09:20 Summary of HPCI Strategy Field 5 AOKI, Sinya
09:25 Report on HPCI (Lattice QCD) HATSUDA, Tetsuo
09:40 Report on HPCI (Quantum Many-Body) OTSUKA, Takaharu
09:55 Report on HPCI (First Generation Objects) MAKINO, Junichiro
10:10 Report on HPCI (Supernova Explosion and Blackhole) SHIBATA, Masaru
10:25 Report on HPCI (Computational Science) HASHIMOTO, Shoji

Plenary session 2 – Noh theatre (11:10-12:40)
– Conveners: Aoki, Sinya

11:10 Ab initio calculation of the neutron proton mass difference FODOR, Zoltan
12:10 Recent results of Lattice QCD using chiral quarks IZUBUCHI, Taku

Plenary session 3 – Noh theatre (14:00-16:00)
– Conveners: Hatsuda, Tetsuo

14:00 Overview of Strangeness Nuclear Physics NAGAE, Tomofumi
14:30 Radiative Transfer Simulations in Compact Star Mergers TANAKA, Masaomi
15:30 Nuclear structure and excitations clarified by Monte Carlo Shell Model
calculation on K computer
SHIMIZU, Noritaka

Plenary session 4 – Noh theatre (16:20-17:50)
– Conveners: Shibata, Masaru

16:20 Planet Formation and Its Simulations IDA, Shigeru
16:50 Simulations of planetesimal formation JOHANSEN, Anders
17:20 Simulations of Star formation MACHIDA, Masahiro


Thursday 05 November 2015

Registration – Registration desk (08:40-09:00)

Plenary session 5 – Noh theatre (09:00-11:00)
– Conveners: Otsuka, Takaharu

09:00 Computational nuclear structure in the eve of exascale NAZAREWICZ, Witold
10:00 Topology in lattice QCD FUKAYA, Hidenori
10:30 A glimpse into the cold atom world: Results from small and large(r) scale computations BLUME, Doerte

Plenary session 6 – Noh theatre (11:20-12:20)
– Conveners: Ishikawa, Kenichi

11:20 Cluster model approaches to nuclear many-body dynamics FUNAKI, Yasuro
11:50 Observations of High-z Galaxies OUCHI, Masami

Parallel session 1A – Noh theatre (13:50-15:50)
– Conveners: Ukita, Naoya

13:50 Chemical enrichment of passive galaxies in cosmological simulatins OKAMOTO, Takashi
14:10 Radiation hydrodynamic simulations on the possibility of radiation-supported AGN tori NAMEKATA, Daisuke
14:30 Time evolution of the Sgr A* accretion flow interacting with the G2 cloud KAWASHIMA, Tomohisa
14:50 Relativistic Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of the Black Hole Accretion Disks and Outflows TAKAHASHI, Hiroyuki
15:10 Radiation hydrodynamic simulations of line-driven disk winds around super massive black holes NOMURA, Mariko
15:30 General relativistic magnetohydrodynamics simulations of compact binary mergers on K KIUCHI, Kenta

Parallel session 1B – Conference room 1 (13:50-15:50)
– Conveners: Doi, Takumi

13:50 Lattice QCD studies of Omega-Omega and Delta-Delta interactions including results at physical point GONGYO, Shinya
14:10 A study of LcN 2-body system on the lattice MIYAMOTO, Takaya
14:30 Light nuclei and nucleon form factors from lattice QCD YAMAZAKI, Takeshi
14:50 Lattice QCD studies of baryon-baryon interactions: the potential method and the direct method ISHII, Noriyoshi
15:10 Non-locality of a wave-function-equivalent potential using the derivative expansion SUGIURA, Takuya
15:30 Algorithm, benchmarks, and hyperon potentials with strangeness S=-1 at almost physical point NEMURA, Hidekatsu

Parallel session 2A – Noh theatre (16:10-18:10)
– Conveners: TBA

16:10 Dynamical mass ejection from black hole-neutron star binaries KYUTOKU, Koutarou
16:30 3D GRMHD simulations of jets from black hole and accretion disk MIZUTA, Akira
16:50 A new class of rotational explosion in core-collpase supernovae TAKIWAKI, Tomoya
17:10 Systematic Features and Progenitor Dependences of Core-collapse Supernovae NAKAMURA, Ko
17:30 Equation of state including full nuclear ensemble in supernova simulations FURUSAWA, Shun
17:50 Microscopic equation of state for supernova matter with realistic nuclear forces TOGASHI, Hajime

Parallel session 2B – Conference room1 (16:10-18:10)
– Conveners: Ishii, Noriyoshi

16:10 Physical point lattice QCD simulation on the S = -2 baryon-baryon interactions SASAKI, Kenji
16:30 Structure of Zc(3900) from coupled-channel scattering on the lattice IKEDA, Yoichi
16:50 The nuclear matrix element of double beta decay IWATA, Yoritaka
17:10 Effects of nuclear many-body correlations on neutrinoless double-beta decay
in quasiparticle random-phase approximaion
17:30 Monte Carlo shell model for electric dipole strength distribution in medium-heavy nuclei TOGASHI, Tomoaki
17:50 Collaborative code development, through the development of the lattice common code “Bridge++” UEDA, Satoru

Poster session – Conference room 2 (18:20-19:30)

P01: Accretion versus merger in the early growth of massive black holes TAGAWA, Hiromichi
P02: CORE-K Simulation: COsmic REionization simulation with K-Computer HASEGAWA, Kenji
P03: Comparative study of topological charge in lattice QCD NAMEKAWA, Yusuke
P04: Supercomputing for exploring electron accelerations in strong shock waves MATSUMOTO, Yosuke
P05: The Strategy for 6D Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae with Boltzmann-Hydro Code IWAKAMI, Wakana
P06: General relativistic radiative transfer simulations around a Kerr black hole TAKAHASHI, Rohta
P07: Density Independent Formulation of SPH SAITOH, Takayuki
P08: Alpha-cluster structure for Be isotopes appeared in the wave function of Monte Carlo shell model YOSHIDA, Tooru
P09: Geometrical structure of helium triatomic systems: comparison with the neon trimer SUNO, Hiroya
P10: Signature of (1405) in d(K-; n) reaction OHNISHI, Shota
P11: Center for Computational Astrophysics at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan KOKUBO, Eiichiro
P12: Effective restoration of axial symmetry at finite temperature COSSU, Guido
P13: Japan Lattice Data Grid MATSUFURU, Hideo


Friday 06 November 2015

Plenary session 7 – Noh theatre (09:00-11:00)
– Conveners: Makino, Junichiro

09:00 Core-Collapse Supernova Theory: the current status and future prospects YAMADA, Shoichi
10:00 Nuclear Physics from Lattice QCD DOI, Takumi
10:30 Connecting the quarks to the cosmos and beyond WALKER-LOUD, Andre

Plenary session 8 – Noh theatre (11:20-12:50)
– Conveners: Hashimoto, Shoji

11:20 Novel applications of gradient flow KAPLAN, David, B.
11:50 Excited state energies and scattering phase shifts from lattice QCD with the stochastic LapH method MORNINGSTAR, Colin
12:20 Binary neutron star mergers and r-process nucleosynthesis SEKIGUCHI, Yuichiro

lunch – (12:50-14:20)

Parallel session 3A – Noh theatre (14:20-16:00)
– Conveners: Yamazaki, Takeshi

14:20 Light and Heavy decay constants from Lattice QCD using Domain-Wall fermions FAHY, Brendan
14:40 Improved lattice fermion action for heavy quarks CHO, Yong-Gwi
15:00 Charmonium current-current correlators with Mobius domain wall fermion NAKAYAMA, Katsumasa
15:20 Analysis of short distance current correlators using OPE TOMII, Masaaki
15:40 The perturbation analysis of the Moebius Domain Wall Fermion with the Schroeginger functional scheme MURAKAMI, Yuko

Parallel session 3B – Conference room 1 (14:20-16:00)
– Conveners: Ohnishi, Akira

14:20 Galactic Evolution of Supernova and Merger R-process KAJINO, Taka
14:40 Solar global convection and dynamo with the Reduced Speed of Sound Technique HOTTA, Hideyuki
15:00 Athena++: a New RMHD Simulation Code with Adaptive Mesh Refinement TOMIDA, Kengo
15:20 High-Resolution Global N-body Simulation of Planetary Formation: Outward Migration of a Protoplanet KOMINAMI, Junko
15:40 –

Parallel session 4A – Noh theatre (16:20-18:40)
– Conveners: Namekawa, Yusuke

16:20 Determination of the ratio between the $\Lambda$-parameter ratio associated with the Schr\”{o}dinger functional and the twisted gradient flow in the pure SU(3) gauge theory UENO, Ryoichiro
16:40 Thermodynamics of SU(3) gauge theory using gradient flow ITOU, Etsuko
17:00 Strong-Coupling Lattice QCD with fluctuation and plaquette effects OHNISHI, Akira
17:20 Study of high density lattice QCD with canonical approach TANIGUCHI, Yusuke
17:40 Universality test of Complex Langevin approach for chiral random matrix theories ICHIHARA, Terukazu
18:00 The application of the complex Langevin method to a matrix model with spontaneous rotational symmetry breaking ITO, Yuta
18:20 Precision test of gauge/gravity duality by lattice simulation SHIMASAKI, Shinji

Parallel session 4B – Conference room1 (16:20-18:40)
– Conveners: Shimizu, Noritaka

16:20 Monte Carlo shell model calculations for structure of nuclei around Z=28 TSUNODA, Yusuke
16:40 Calculations for medium-mass nuclei with the chiral EFT interactions in the unitary-model-operator approach MIYAGI, Takayuki
17:00 Recent development of finite-amplitude method for nuclear collective excitation HINOHARA, Nobuo
17:20 Impurity effects in deformed/clustering hypernuclei with antisymmetric molecular dynamics ISAKA, Masahiro
17:40 Weak decay of Lambda_c for the study of Lambda resonances MIYAHARA, Kenta
18:00 Compositeness of near-threshold quasi-bound states KAMIYA, Yuki
18:20 Infinite basis-space extrapolation of ground-state energies in no-core Monte Carlo shell model ABE, Takashi


Saturday 07 November 2015

Plenary session 9 – Noh theatre (09:00-11:00)
– Conveners: Nakatsukasa, Takashi

09:00 Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Simulations of Astrophysical Accretion STONE, James M.
10:00 The r-process in the ejecta of neutron star mergers WANAJO, Shinya
10:30 Nuclear physics from chiral effective field theory SCHWENK, Achim

Plenary session 10 – Noh theatre (11:20-12:50)
– Conveners: Ishizuka, Naruhito

11:20 Simulation Study of Solar-Terrestrial Environment KUSANO, Kanya
11:50 2+1 avor QCD simulation near the physical point on a 96^4 lattice UKITA, Naoya
12:20 From nuclear force to neutron-rich nuclei TSUNODA, Naofumi

Public lecture – (15:00-17:00)

15:00 Public lecture (Japanese) HASHIMOTO, Koji

Banquet – (18:00-20:00)
Banquet is held at Hotel Nikko Nara.


Sunday 08 November 2015

Plenary session 11 – Noh theatre (09:00-11:00)
– Conveners: Tomisaka, Kohji

09:00 Skyrme energy-density-functional method for large-scale linear-response calculations YOSHIDA, Kenichi
09:30 Finite density lattice QCD simulations towards the understanding of QGP, heavy ion collisions and nuclear matter NAGATA, Keitaro
10:00 Observational constraints on r-process AOKI, Wako
10:30 Full Boltzmann-Hydrodynamic Simulations for Core Collapse Supernovae on K computer NAGAKURA, Hiroki

Plenary session 12 – Noh theatre (11:20-13:00)
– Conveners: Sakurai, Tetsuya

11:20 Numerical test of gauge/gravity duality – from lattice gauge theory to black hole physics – KADOH, Daisuke
11:50 Radiation magnetohydrodynamics simulations of accretion ows and out ows around black holes OHSUGA, Ken
12:20 Formation of the First Stars in the Universe YOSHIDA, Naoki
12:50 Closing